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Presumptive Eligibility Timeframes

You do not need a new application when the household provides verification within 60 calendar days of the original request date. Reopen the Child Care benefit.

  • When the client uses the same child care provider, reopen the Child Care tab and Auth. Daycare authorizations back to the date you closed the Child Care benefit.

  • When the client is using a new provider, open a new authorization.

Update the Household, Income, and Child Care tabs prior to reopening an authorization or opening a new authorization, so the correct copay maps to the authorization.

You do not reopen the Child Care benefit if the household does not provide the required verification within the 60 days. The Child Care benefit remains closed, and the household must submit a new application.

​Verification received after a presumptive eligibility certification
​Within the 30 day approval period or within 30 days of closure Reopen the child care.
​More than 60 days from the request date ​A new application is required.

Do not presumptively approve another application unless the household provides the verification requested for the most recent presumptive eligibility approval.

If you receive proof that the copay should have been higher, do not complete an overpayment unless you and your supervisor believe the client intentionally provided incorrect information. If this is the case, send an overpayment memo to the Benefit Integrity and Recovery.

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