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Same Day Interviews

Before you can certify Child Care Subsidy benefits, you must interview the applicant or authorized representative to determine the household’s eligibility. The earliest you can approve care is the date the client completes the interview and provides all necessary proof. Because of this, you must attempt to interview every applicant on the request date. When this is not possible, schedule the interview as soon as possible.

Contacting the Applicant

When you have an application where the interview has not occurred, call the household as soon as possible.

  • When the applicant answers the phone and has time for an interview, conduct the interview.

  • When you cannot reach the applicant, send a Client Contact and Information Request (Form 08AD092E or ADM-92) to schedule the interview. You may use a face-to-face or telephone interview. Choose the earliest possible interview date that allows enough time for mail delivery. This request may ask for verification.

Missed Interview

When the client misses a scheduled interview, deny the application; the client may reschedule within 30 days of the request date.

  • When the client contacts you within 30 days, conduct the interview; a new application is not necessary.

  • When the client reaches you after 30 days, the client must reapply.

Remember, when counting days, you do not count the request date. Begin counting with the day after the request date.

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