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Recording the Request Date

Regardless of how the client begins the application process, you must record the date that the client asks for Child Care.

Request Date
Policy refers to this date as the “request date.” For electronic applications and written requests, the request date matches the date the applicant or authorized representative submits the application. For verbal requests where the applicant or authorized representative do not immediately submit the application, the request date may not match the date the client submits the application. The “request date” is the day the client asks for care, so on verbal requests, for example, it does not matter what day we receive the application. We still use the original date the client asked for Child Care as the “request date.”
FACS Coding
Code the request date in the IMS E1 field when receiving an application. The LIVE website automatically records this date for online applications. For written or verbal requests, you manually record the request date.

Following this procedure allows the client to obtain an EBT card and ensures the system correctly computes the application’s timeliness.

When you certify benefits, you will also enter the request date in the FACS Child Care Req Date (IMS K9).

The Policy covers this topic at 340:40-3-1(a)(4).

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