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Presumptive Eligibility

You do not typically approve Child Care until you interview and receive all required verification. In certain situations, you may process applications before receiving specific types of verifications.

The applicant is "presumed" eligible until a full eligibility determination can be made. The client may or may not be assigned a copayment depending on his or her circumstances.

These approvals are for 30 calendar days, and the household must provide additional verification to extend the 30-day approval to a 12-month approval.

Acceptable Presumptive Eligibility Scenarios

There are three scenarios where you may certify Child Care due to presumptive eligibility.

You may grant presumptive eligibility when the applicant

  • cannot provide employment verification because of circumstances outside of the client’s control, the client cannot afford child care, and he or she cannot start a new job or may lose their job without child care (This may occur when the employer refuses to verify income, so you cannot verify income until the parent or caretaker receives a paycheck);
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