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Preparing for the Interview

Before interviewing an applicant or authorized representative, you must prepare for the interview by reviewing what you know about the household.

Review the application:
Your first source for information about the household is the application itself.

  • What does it tell you about the household? Note how many adults and children the application lists. Look at the relationships. Focus not only on how the application describes any adults’ relationship with each other but also on how it describes the child’s or children’s relationship with any adults listed. Pay attention to how old the children are. Are there any children over 4? Ask about school enrollment. Are there any over 13? Children over 13 may not receive Child Care without additional verification. Are there any over 18? This child may not belong in the household. Note how the application characterizes the citizenship status of each child.

  • What does it tell you about why the household needs child care? See what days and hours the household needs child care, and whether the household has selected a daycare provider.

  • What income has the applicant listed? Observe what amounts and types of income appear on the application.

Check FACS, Imaging, and case notes:
FACS and case notes may help answer many of the same questions as the application, but these sources also provide a record of the household’s previous circumstances. Compare what you learn from the application to the household’s previous circumstances. Has something changed? Flag these differences as something to ask about at the interview.

Examine ACES and data exchange screens:
ACES and the data exchange screens allow you to receive reports from third party institutions about topics that might affect a client’s eligibility. Use OWL and NHL to determine if the household has recent employment and BEN, SDX, UIB, and Ki1 to see if there is any countable unearned income. Look at CFRRPA to see if the household might be paying child support to Child Support Services.

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