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Plan hours

Gather information concerning the days and hours including travel time each parent or caretaker needs to meet the need factor. When there are two parents or caretakers in the home, only approve Child Care when both parents or caretakers meet a need factor for the same days and hours. Based on the days and hours the child qualifies for Child Care, assign an appropriate unit type and number of units for each child.

This time increases to a weekly 5 when a child attends an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership or Oklahoma Early Childhood Program. See this page for full details.

Changes in Plan Hours

The unit type and number of units may increase during the eligibility period, but it does not decrease. The household may use the same amount of child care already approved even when a parent or caretaker stops meeting the need factor.

Approve care for each child at only one provider per day. A child may attend two different providers on different days of the week. When a child attends two different providers, the total amount of care approved equals the total that you approve at a single provider.

A child care plan does not cover a 24-hour calendar day. You may seek an exception when the nature of the parent or caretaker’s work requires him or her to leave the child in care over 24 hours. Email Child Care Subsidy for approval

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