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Identity and Social Security Numbers

You need verification of the applicant’s (and, if applicable, the authorized representative’s) identity for every Child Care application. You do not need any of the household member’s Social Security number (SSN). When the household is applying for another AFS benefit program, record the SSN on the system for those programs. When an authorized representative applies, verify the identity of both the authorized representative and the applicant.

Acceptable Verification
Use any documentation that “reasonably” establishes the applicant’s identity. This verification may include collateral contacts if other verification is not available.

Acceptable forms of verification include but are not limited to

  • a driver license,

  • a work or school id,

  • an id from a health insurance or an assistance or social service program,

  • a voter registration card,

  • a pay stub,

  • a birth certificate, or

  • a Social Security card.

Example 1:

Hailey applies for Child Care as an authorized representative for Princess. Hailey provides a copy of her own driver’s license and Princess’s pay stubs. Do you need more verification to meet the identity requirement? 

No, you do not. You have identity verification for both the applicant and the authorized representative. The driver’s license verifies Hailey’s identity, and the pay stub verifies Princess’s identity.

Example 2:

Krystal applies for Child Care and says she does not have any identification. Her purse was stolen. Are you able to verify her identity?

If the applicant is not able to produce any documentary verification, you may still be able to use a collateral contact to identify Krystal. Ask Krystal who might be able to confirm she is who she says she is. Reach out to this person. Thoroughly document any collateral contacts you use to establish identity in case notes.

 Policy covers Identity and Social Security numbers at 340:40-7-4.

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