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Presumptive Eligibility FACS Coding

To approve a household for 30 calendar days, follow and push through the following three steps.

  1. Open the Child Care benefit with either 01 or 02 months in the Eff Months IMS Field E6. Choose 01 when all 30 days fall in the month the household applied and 02 when the 30 calendar days stretch across two months.

  2. After Step 1 is pushed through, update the Effective Date IMS Field E5 to a date 30 days after you open the Child Care Benefit, and close the Child Care benefit using “plan of services completed (81)” in the Reason Field IMS E4.

  3. After Step 2 is pushed through, enter all child care authorizations on the Auth. Daycare tab, and include a Begin/Change Date IMS K45 and End Date IMS K47. Push the authorization through FACS.

See step-by-step instructions here.

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