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Clients most often run into difficulties verifying their employment when starting a new job. If a household member is working for an employer, they normally receive documentation of their pay on a regular basis.

When starting a new job, they may not have access to all the verification that we need. For new employment, you must verify a household member’s start date, pay rate, the date they will receive their first full payment, and the days and hours they work weekly. Companies may hire the client but refuse to provide all the required verification.

Identify situations where the client lacks control over the situation. These are the situations where the client is unable to obtain the verification regardless of their efforts.

See the following for examples. This is not an exclusive list.

  • The employer may not complete the client’s employee profile until after they start.
  • The employer may have outsourced their company’s Human Resources functions to a third party company, so they may not want to provide verification concerning the client’s employment.
  • The employer may prove reluctant to want to fully describe a client’s employment conditions because they are waiting to see how well the client performs the job duties.

As long as you confirm the client has a job, you may waive the remaining verification for 30 calendar days.

Presumptive eligibility does not apply to situations where the employer refuses to provide termination verification. These are situations where you use the best available verification.

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