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Eligibility Determination

Once the interview is complete and you have all required verification, decide if the child qualifies for Child Care. A child qualifies when the household meets the eligibility factors and develops an approvable child care plan.


When the household is eligible, certify Child Care benefits.

How long is the certification?

A full certification grants the household to 12 months of eligibility. Follow these instructions to issue benefits for a full 12 month certification.

You may have to certify the benefit for less than a full certification. This may happen when you use unfinished issuance at application, use the Remedy process at renewal, or synchronize benefits with another program.

Unfinished issuance

Unfinished issuance allows you to adjust household income to reflect the verification you have at certification. For example, income that is not available in the month of application may cause the household to exceed the income threshold when it becomes available. In this scenario, you must certify the benefit and close it once the income becomes available. This may lead you to close a benefit during the second or third month of the eligibility period. Follow these instructions when this occurs.

Synchronization of Benefits

You must coordinate the renewal dates of any open AFS benefits and Child Care Subsidy when you certify Child Care. This prevents the client from having multiple renewals due in different months. In these situations, the eligibility period may be shorter than 12 months.

Update the FACS “Date of Last Review” field (IMS E7), so that the Child Care renewal occurs in the same month as the renewal for the other programs. The system automatically completes this process to align SNAP and Child Care.


When the household is not eligible, deny the application. Denials may occur because the applicant completed the application process but is ineligible, does not provide verification, or fails to cooperate in determining eligibility. Examples of when an applicant fails to cooperate occur when the applicant misses a scheduled interview, refuses to cooperate with child support requirements, or requests cancellation of the application. Use the appropriate reason found in the Appendix U. Follow these instructions when denying an application.

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