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Applicant Decision Tool

Here is a table constructed for posting in your cubicle. It summarizes information relating to child care applicants and should allow you to reach a case decision quickly.

If the person applying is and then
a biological parent, stepparent, oradoptive parent they live with the child who will receive Child Care Subsidy, you can proceed with this application.
acting as a parent for a child living with them there are no biological parents, stepparents, or adoptive parents in the household, this person is a caretaker, and you can proceed with this application.
a responsible person who resides with a parent who is under 18 years of age the minor parent’s child, this person can apply for the minor parent and that parent’s child, but you must determine eligibility based on the minor parent’s (not the applicant’s) situation.
a responsible person who resides with an incapacitated parent and that incapacitated parent’s child they provide verification from a professional working with the parent that shows the parent’s inability to apply, you can proceed with this application and determine eligibility for the incapacitated parent.
a person applying for another person who qualifies as an applicant they have been authorized by the applicant in writing, you proceed with this application.
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