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A Commission or Self Employment Job

You approve subsidized Child Care only when the client is performing an approved activity. For household members who begin working for a self-employed or commission-based job, they may not have received any payments before they apply for Child Care. This presents a problem because you cannot approve Child Care for unpaid or volunteer work.

See the following for examples. This is not an exclusive list.

  • A realtor has yet to sell their first home,
  • A car sales person trying to sell their first car,
  • A commission-based telemarketer begins to work,
  • A hair dresser who has not received their first earnings,
  • An electrician, plumber, or carpenter who has performed work but not yet paid.

To allow you to confirm the client is receiving pay and to allow the household member to pursue their job, approve a household member for 30 calendar days when you document they work for self-employment or commission-based job.

If the client has already received pay, then presumptive eligibility is not appropriate. Determine if they are making minimum wage and calculate their countable income.

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