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Alternatives to Child Care

Explore if there are any alternatives to subsidized child care.

The alternatives include having the child

  • stay with friends or relatives, 

  • attend school, or 

  • attend programs that provide free or low-cost child care.

When a current or former spouse, a natural parent, or adoptive parent resides in the home, he or she must meet an appropriate need factor or provide child care. This is the only instance when using an alternative to Child Care is mandatory. The rest of the time the parent or caretaker is free to choose whether a child will use one of these alternatives.

You must identify when the parent or caretaker voluntarily chooses or must use one of these alternatives to care. We do not approve Child Care for the time a child spends in one of these alternatives except when a child attends an Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) or Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP). A more thorough discussion of how to handle care alternatives is available here.

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