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Authorized Representatives

An authorized representative is a person chosen by the client to act on the household’s behalf.

The representative may:

  • complete and sign an application or renewal,
  • complete an interview,
  • provide verification,
  • report changes,
  • obtain an EBT card, and
  • swipe a child’s attendance.

Written Request
The authorized representative must understand the household’s circumstances and present a signed authorization from the applicant to become an authorized representative. An applicant may select a representative by completing the relevant part of an application or by providing a written statement.

When possible, confirm the applicant freely requested the authorized representative’s help and the accuracy of the representative’s statements. Explain the client is responsible for any overpayments resulting from representative’s improper actions or incorrect statements.

Child care provider exclusion
Neither the child care provider nor someone working for the provider may serve as an authorized representative. If you learn that a provider or his or her employee has the client’s EBT card, deactivate the EBT card, talk to the client to learn how the violation happened and have the client write an explanation. Send the Referral Form (19MP001E) and this written explanation to the Office of Inspector General.

When the client appoints an authorized representative, enter his or her information in the FACS Case Information tab and FACS case notes. Additionally, you must enter the information using the EBTU IMS transaction in order for the authorized representative to get an EBT card.

The Policy for authorized representatives is located at 340:40-3-1(2) and Misuse of the electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card at 340:40-10-3.

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