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Application Process

The application process begins with a request for benefits and ends with an eligibility determination.

What counts as a request for Child Care?
Anytime a person asks to apply for Child Care, begin determining the family’s eligibility. Most often, you will receive a written request or online application that documents this request, but it is important to remember that any request, including verbal requests, starts the eligibility process. Record the request date that indicates when the client first asked for Child Care assistance and ensure the FACS coding reflects this date.

What counts as an application?
After the Child Care request, ensure the applicant or authorized representative signs the application. The application may be an online application or a written request. Offer to serve as a proxy when it increases the client’s convenience. The OKDHSLIVE! website does not pass information to you until the client has successfully completed the application, so you do not need to make certain there is a signature for an online application. For a written request, you must ensure the applicant or authorized representative signs any necessary paperwork needed for the application. Necessary paperwork includes, at minimum, a signed application.

Who handles the application?
Adult and Family Services (AFS) staff, Child Welfare (CW) staff, or the OK SNAP Works coordinator processes all Child Care applications. We route applications to the staff person best suited to address the client’s needs, so you must check to see who should handle an application before you begin processing.

You will completely handle AFS applications and complete as much of the eligibility process as possible for OK SNAP Works applications before sending this to the coordinator. You, however, must refer the CW applicants to their CW worker. The AFS application does not begin the eligibility process for Child Welfare.
When do you interview the client?
Conduct the interview the same day an applicant or authorized representative applies.
The earliest you can approve care is the date the client completes the interview and provides all necessary proof. Because of this, you must attempt to interview every client on the request date. When a same day interview is not possible, schedule the interview as soon as possible.

What happens at the interview?
During the interview, you must determine the child’s eligibility for Child Care. Before the interview, you must prepare for the interview. This includes reviewing the application, case records, ACES, and data exchange screens. At the interview, determine if the child qualifies for Child Care Subsidy. This process involves considering how the client meets the factors of eligibility and creates a viable child care plan.

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