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Child’s Age

Child Care Policy limits a child's participation based on his or her age.

Age Limits
Children can qualify for child care benefits until their 13th birthday. We can certify a child for a full 12-month certification for any day prior to their 13th birthday, but once they turn 13, you may no longer certify them for Child Care. When a child turns 13 during the eligibility period, the child remains on the case until the next renewal.

There are two exceptions to this rule children with disabilities and under court supervision.

They must provide additional verification.

  • A child with disabilities provides a letter from a licensed health care professional. The letter must explain that the child is incapable of caring for him or herself as age appropriate.

  • A child under court supervision supplies verification the child is under the court's supervision. Acceptable verification includes a copy of the court order or a statement from the Office of Juvenile Affairs worker or child welfare specialist.

The client must submit this verification not only at the certification but also at all renewals. The client may extend a child's eligibility until the he or she turns 19 through this exception. Send an email to Child Care Subsidy before approving a child in these situations.

Examples 1:

Terrance applies for Child Care for his twelve-year-old son on February 15, 2018. He provides all required verification at an interview on February 16, 2018. He reports no disability or court supervision. His son's birthday is February 27, 2018. How long should we approve his case?

12 months. Terrance receives a regular certification even if his son is about to reach the age limit.

As long as you certify the case before the child reaches their 13th birthday, the child receives a full 12-month certification. When a child turns 13 during the eligibility period, do not remove them until the next renewal.

Example 2:

Avery applies for Child Care for her daughter on July 27, 2017. She interviews on August 1. Her daughter's 13th birthday is August 1, 2017. Can you approve Avery for Child Care?

Perhaps. Avery is over 12, so Avery's child cannot receive an approval for Child Care unless Avery provides verification that her child is disabled.

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