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Entire Benefits Listing

Just as we’re committed to helping Oklahoma’s families, we are as equally committed to ensuring that our employees have one of the best and most comprehensive benefits programs available.

A number of services and events reflect our unique and diverse workplace, and provide employees the opportunity to celebrate culture, support the community, continue their education, and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

And since life isn’t all about the office, DHS offers a wide variety of benefits, services and programs to help employees achieve success in both their work and their everyday lives.


Cultural Celebrations.  Each year, DHS sponsors employee-led celebrations of the African-American, Latino and Native American cultures that have enriched our state and our workplaces.

Volunteering.  We encourage our employees to be active members of their communities.  Volunteering is so important to DHS that we have our own Office of Community and Faith Engagement​ that works with others in our communities to help our fellow Oklahomans.  We live out our mission and values by giving of ourselves.  OKDHS employees have volunteered to help Gulf Coast residents following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, assisted evacuees from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and are frequently called upon to help our fellow Oklahomans recover from Oklahoma’s sometimes-unpredictable weather.

Charitable Giving.  OKDHS participates in the State Charitable Campaign, which allows employees to make a monthly contribution to approved charities. Additionally, as a part of the 2007 Make a Difference Day, our employees raised more than $216,000 from bake sales, donations and requests for donations from community partners and – in partnership with Feed The Children – purchased 30 tracker-trailer truckloads of food which replenished the food closets of our local OKDHS centers and dozens of churches and community centers throughout Oklahoma.


Health Care Benefits.  All employees have a variety of health, dental and vision plans from which to choose to best suit your needs. Life and disability insurance are a part of your core package. Your spouse and children up to age 26 can also be covered under the plan you choose.

Benefit Allowance.  Each month, you’ll receive a generous benefit allowance to help offset the cost of healthcare, life insurance and disability premiums.  If you have covered dependents, you’ll receive an additional benefit allowance that pays a significant portion of their premiums. In 2012, a married employee with 2 or more covered children will receive an annual benefit allowance totaling more than $20,000. And if the cost of coverage is less than the benefit allowance, the remaining money is included in your gross pay. You can save even more money by choosing for your insurance premiums to be paid before taxes are deducted, which lowers your taxable income.

Wellness.  Each local office has a wellness team leader to assist the agency wellness coordinator in providing you with information beneficial to your mind, body and spirit. OKDHS sponsors an annual wellness fair in conjunction with the OKDHS State Games.

OK Health.  The OK Health Program can give you the right tools to help you feel better and improve your health. You can utilize the help of a Health Coach to establish personalized, 12-month goals and action plans tailored to your specific needs. Your plan can focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Physical activities
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Diabetes management, and
  • Cardiovascular disease prevention and control
Employee-Focused Services

Employee Assistance Program.  OKDHS provides up to 6 counseling sessions per year for employees and their family members living in the home. EAP helps employees find solutions to:

  • Parenting and family concerns
  • Emotional stress
  • Drug and alcohol problems
  • Job-related issues
  • Financial matters
  • Legal matters

These services are provided by professionals through the INTEGRIS Corporate Assistance Program at no cost to the employee or their family members.  EAP services are strictly confidential.

Employee Recognition & Awards.  We think it’s important to recognize those milestone anniversaries for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 (or more) years of service, but believe the way to create an engaged workforce is through effective, everyday praise. The people we employ are just as valuable as the work they do, and both deserve frequent recognition.

Certified Public Managers Program.  The State of Oklahoma Certified Public Managers Program is a comprehensive training program designed to identify and develop employees who have potential administrative and managerial skills.  CPM graduates are often called upon to assist in developing programs, resolving issues and other tasks that support our mission and values.

Training.  Many employees will participate in an initial training academy for their specific position, with additional training to learn more advanced skills throughout the course of a career with OKDHS. The Office of Management and Enterprise Services Human Capital Management Division also offers a number of courses that OKDHS employees may attend.

The Productivity Enhancement Program encourages state employees to improve the efficiency of state government operations, and offers recognition and rewards up to $10,000 for ideas, programs, and projects that result in increased productivity, cost curtailment, improved safety, efficiency, or morale or better services to the citizens of Oklahoma.


Banking.  Since 1949, Credit Union One of Oklahoma has provided personal financial services for OKDHS employees.  Their main branch is located at 3300 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, with satellite branches at 14101 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City, and inside the Sequoyah Memorial Office Building in the State Capitol Complex.  Credit Union One is part of the Credit Union Service Centers, which allows its members to conduct a wide range of transactions at more than 3,400 locations throughout the United States.

Cellular Phones.  Many wireless phone providers offer special rates or savings for employees of the State of Oklahoma.

Federal Perkins Loan Cancellation.  Full-time OKDHS employees who are repaying a Federal Perkins Loan received while in college may be eligible for cancellation of their original loan amount. You may contact the bursar's office at your college or university for more details.

Flexible Spending Accounts are available to lower taxable income by setting aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible healthcare, childcare and public transportation expenses.

Longevity Pay.  All full-time employees are eligible for annual longevity payments after they have completed 2 years employment with the State of Oklahoma.

SoonerSave.  The Oklahoma State Employees Deferred Compensation and Savings Incentive Plans are two tax-deferred retirement savings plans collectively known as SoonerSave. Each month, OKDHS matches a portion of each employee’s contribution, up to $300 per year.

Vacations/Time Off

HolidaysPaid holidays are those recognized by Oklahoma law and those proclaimed by the Governor.

Annual Leave.  Full-time employees with less than 5 years service accrue 15 days of annual leave per year to use for vacations, personal business and time off not covered by other paid leave or holiday provisions. Over the course of your career with OKDHS, your annual leave will increase up to 25 days per year.

Sick Leave.  Full-time employees accrue 15 days of sick leave per year to be used when you’re unable to work due to illness, injury, or for medical, dental or optical examinations or treatment.

Enforced Leave.  You can use your sick leave – up to 10 days per year – for the illness, injury or death of a member of your immediate family, or in the case of an extreme personal disaster.

Other Types of Leave include family and medical leave (FMLA), educational leave, military leave, court or jury leave and organizational leave.

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