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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Volunteer?

Real life is demanding and though we try to get along the best we can, some of us need help with household repairs, doctor's care or guidance on parenting. Sometimes we need a little help with real life.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services volunteers feel satisfied and rewarded helping others. They are greatly appreciated by OKDHS and the people they have helped. They add a special caring touch by using their unique talents and adding a personal dimension in collaboration with OKDHS to help our clients.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer their time and service. Volunteers are from a variety of backgrounds and possess many skills and interests. The effective volunteer cares about others and sincerely wants to help.

You may volunteer as a family. Children learn the merit of helping others when they volunteer, too. The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, churches and schools offer volunteer opportunities for children. They can earn recognition, merit badges through Scouting, school credit and church appreciation.

OKDHS seeks teenage volunteers. Teens bring innovative energy and enthusiasm. Teens gain valuable experience as volunteers. Universities, college and places of employment value volunteer experience. Schools, churches and civic organizations provide volunteer experiences for teens.

The OKDHS Volunteer Programs provide a valuable network of support throughout the community. We need your skills, time and care to help us reach out and make a difference. As an OKDHS volunteer, you choose the amount of time you want to commit and how and where you volunteer. If you are unable to donate time, you may donate resources. OKDHS clients need eyeglasses, professional clothing, coats, haircuts, toiletries, baby items and more.

What Can Volunteers Do?

An OKDHS volunteer helps others. Volunteers partner with OKDHS to fulfill the mission "to help individuals and families in need help themselves lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives."

  • Provide extra services and human touches to the young, old and disabled by helping with shopping, giving moral and physical support, tutoring and mentoring.
  • Transport elderly or disabled people who need to see a doctor or go shopping. The rides also provide valuable social contact and may often be a welcome pleasure for someone homebound.
  • Become a special friend to a troubled child, teen or an entire family.
  • Answer the telephone, file or type.
  • Work alongside OKDHS staff on special programs or community projects.
  • Organize and maintain a food pantry and deliver food.

How to Become a Volunteer?

If you are looking for a way to spend your extra time, consider becoming an OKDHS volunteer. Please contact your local OKDHS office for volunteer opportunities. 

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