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Due to heightened security alerts near the state capitol, OHCA will cancel the Jan. 20, 2021 board meeting and reschedule for next week. The safety of OHCA employees, board members and partners is of paramount importance. Once confirmed, the new date and time will be posted here.

OHCA Secure Web Sites

If you are signing on to the New SoonerCare provider portal for the first time with your existing ID you should be presented with the opportunity to enter your password.  If you are presented with a challenge question before you have the opportunity to enter your password, verify you entered your ID correctly. If you still are presented with the challenge question you need to ensure your provider has added you, then obtain from them your clerk code, and the date of birth and driver’s license number under which you were registered. Then click on the “Register Now” link to complete your registration.

Last Modified on Dec 09, 2020
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