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Due to heightened security alerts near the state capitol, OHCA will cancel the Jan. 20, 2021 board meeting and reschedule for next week. The safety of OHCA employees, board members and partners is of paramount importance. Once confirmed, the new date and time will be posted here.

SoonerCare Choice

SoonerCare Choice is a Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) program in which each member has a medical home. The medical home provider will coordinate all health care services to qualifying Oklahomans.  Please visit our Qualification Guidelines page to find out if you qualify.

You may be a SoonerCare Choice member if:

  • You qualify for SoonerCare;
  • You do not qualify for Medicare;
  • You do not reside in an institution such as a nursing facility;
  • You are not receiving SoonerCare services through a home- and community-based waiver program;
  • You are not in state or tribal custody;
  • You are not in a health maintenance organization.
Last Modified on Dec 10, 2020