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Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is a critical operational feature that an organization employs to continually determine whether it operates in accordance with the approved design of its program, meetsstatutory and regulatory assurances and requirements, achieves desired outcomes, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority State Medicaid Director has delegated the responsibility for programs that serve the elderly and individuals with disabilities to the Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) unit. This unit is responsible for the operation of the Living Choice Demonstration, Medically Fragile Waiver and Oklahoma Statewide Transition Plan. This unit is also responsible for oversight of five other 1915(c) Home and Community-Based waivers and the State Plan Personal Care operated by Oklahoma Human Services (OHS).
The LTSS unit evaluates on a quarterly basis, the Quality Oversight Plan to assure the state's capacity to discover and document quality issues and program performance is maintained. LTSS staff reviews data from program performance reviews, monthly program reports, critical incidents and any other quality improvement activities conducted to look for trends. Areas needing improvement are identified and prioritized. Continued monitoring of performance measures identifies the effectiveness of the improvement efforts.

Long Term Care Quality Initiatives Council (LTCQIC)

The Long Term Care Quality Initiatives Council (LTCQIC) collaborates for the trending, prioritizing and implementation of system improvement in OHCA waivers. The Council consists of various divisions within OHCA as well as provider agencies, advocacy groups and other stakeholders. The Council meets quarterly to discuss member and provider issues and to set priorities for system-wide quality improvement. The Council receives information from a variety of reports prepared by the LTSS unit, Provider Agencies, and the Fiscal Management Service (FMS).

As a result of an analysis of the discovery and remediation information presented to the Council, system improvements are identified, and design changes are recommended.  Program staff responds to recommendations from the LTCQIC for designing and implementing improvement activities.

LTCQIC Meeting Minutes and Quality Improvement Reports

Last Modified on Aug 30, 2022
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