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Third Party Liability Liens

Lien Amounts

In order to determine the amount of the lien interest of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), you will want to request a lien calculation.To request a lien calculation, submit a written request, as well as a valid Authorization to Release PHI, to the attention of the OHCA Finance - Third Party Liability Unit via facsimile to (405) 530-3404 or via E-Mail to If you must submit a lien calculation request via U.S. Mail, then you may send it to the attention of the OHCA Third Party Liability Unit, 4345 N.Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City,OK 73105.

The written request for a lien calculation should include the following:

  1. The member’s name;
  2. The member’s date of birth, social security number(sometimes the member’s name is different in our system, so the social security number is the best way to search and match), or Medicaid ID number;
  3. The date ofloss;
  4. The type of injury suffered;
  5. The name ofthe person requesting the information (i.e. the attorney, the paralegal, or the secretary), as well as a responsive phone number, faxnumber and email address.

The lien calculation will not be attempted if the only information provided is the member’s name.You must provide, at a minimum, the member’s name and the member’s date of birth, in order to ensure the lien calculation is performed regarding the correct person. Also, no response will be submitted regarding the lien calculation if the requestor’sphone number and fax number are not provided. 

The requests are opened and worked in the order received. Please allow 30 days response time regarding a request for a lien calculation. Usually, the calculations are completed and aresponse is sent in less than 30 days.If there is no lien amount due, you will receive statement indicating that the OHCA has not paid any claims. If the member cannot be located or identified, then you will receive a statement indicating this.  

OHCA Third Party Liability Unit

4345 N.Lincoln Blvd.  
Oklahoma City,OK 73105

405-522-7265 (phone)

405-530-3404 (fax)