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Governor Kevin Stitt has announced that Oklahoma will start a new Back to Work Initiative, in addition to reverting back to pre-pandemic unemployment insurance benefits and eligibility requirements starting June 27.  View the Governor's Executive Order for this initiative, and additional resources about this initiative from OESC.

Additional Resources for Job Seekers

Use these links to access resources you can use for your next opportunity. Browse openings, build skills, and get guidance.

Career & Job Search


  • OK Career Tech
  • Nationally recognized education and training for a myriad of specialized courses and training opportunities
    Tools to help plan your education and financial aid, find the right school and apply
  • Oklahoma State Department of Education
    Programs, standards, and resources for Oklahomans
  • Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
    Information about Oklahoma's 25 public colleges and universities, student financial aid, how to prepare for college
  • Thunderbird Youth Academy
    Program offered through the Oklahoma Military Department and National Guard to affect a positive change in youth ages 16-18 who are struggling to complete high school
  • Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    This application for Federal Student Aid is also a required first step to apply for financial aid for most colleges and universities


U.S. Government & Related

Other Resources

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