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Program for Individuals Impacted by Oil & Gas Industry Decline

What is the Trade and Economic Transition National Dislocated Worker Grant?

Trade and Economic Transition National Dislocated Worker (TET) Grant is a federal program which provides assistance to energy sector (primarily oil and gas) workers who have lost their jobs or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of a loss, significant decline, or major structural change or reorganization.

What Are the Available Benefits?

A Career Consultant will work one-on-one with an applicant to assist with career decision-making and planning to find suitable employment. Available funding will be used for training, skills, or certification upgrades necessary to reach applicants' reemployment goal. There are three categories of services. Career planning services include providing Demand Occupations and Career Pathways counseling, Development of Individual Employment Plan, Job search and placement assistance, Soft Skills Workshops (Interview Skills, Job Search, and Workshop). Training services include on-the-job training opportunities, classroom training, and apprenticeship opportunities. Supportive services include assistance with transportation, work-related tools, and work attire, books, school supplies, fees, and protective eye gear and eyeglasses, and training-related applications, tests, and certifications.

Would Training Improve My Job Prospects?

If there are no suitable jobs in your area and you think training would improve your chances of getting a job, discuss your needs and goals with your local Oklahoma Works Office or a TET Career Consultant. They can advise you on the employment outlook for workers with different job skills, help you decide what kind of work is best suited to your aptitudes and interests. Your plans may include on-the-job training, vocational and/or technical training or apprenticeships.

If you are paid unemployment insurance benefits and if you attend full-time training contact your local Oklahoma Works office to request your training be considered an approved training. The approval allows individuals to attend training or school while drawing unemployment benefits. The requirement to perform work search efforts is replaced with a requirement to attend scheduled classes and make expected progress in those classes.

How Do I Apply For the TET Grant?

The first step is to register at, then contact your local Oklahoma Works office. A Workforce Services Specialist will verify your registration and refer you to a Career Consultant. You may be asked to supply a layoff letter or other verification of your employment history.


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