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If you would like to submit an inquiry regarding a 1099-G form, please report it to the Virtual Agent found in the bottom right of the screen. After the initial prompt, select the "Claimant" option, then "1099-G Form Inquiry".

Mass Claim Information

Mass claims are filed by employers with 25 or more affected employees. It is done by submitting an Excel file to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC), which then is uploaded into our Unemployment Insurance system and establishes the initial claim on behalf of the claimant. Thereafter the claimant must file their weekly claim until the return to work date. The layoff period is normally up to 8 weeks with possibly 4 additional weeks upon the Executive Director’s approval. Customarily, the mass claims process is used by employers when there is a short term break in work. This could be due to retooling a shop, normal business slowdowns, or other reasons. OESC doesn’t require individuals on mass claims to register for work or seek work while continuing to file their weekly claim.

There are some formatting and data entry employers will need to do when setting up the mass claim file initially, which includes items such as personnel information, contact information, occupation codes, wages, weeks worked etc. However, once the mass claim file is created it is easy to maintain from filing to filing. 

For any large employer that is interested, we ask that files be sent by the Wednesday before the affected week to allow us time to process. For questions or assistance, including complete instructions on file layout and filing process, email or call 405-557-7244.

Unemployment Claims - Options for Employers

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