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Unemployment for Employers

Does your business have employees in Oklahoma? If so, you will need to pay Oklahoma unemployment insurance (UI) contributions. These contributions fund unemployment compensation programs for eligible employees in the state.

If workers refuse to return to work while drawing unemployment,
please report to

EZ Tax Express

As a for-profit business operating in Oklahoma, you are required to pay Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax. This button will take you to our EZ Tax Portal.

Employer Contribution Rates for 2021

Learn more about the upcoming changes to 2021 rates, how they are calculated, and how to protest rates. 

Employee Separation

You must provide information regarding the separation of employees to OESC so a determination can be made regarding claims.

Mass Claims for Layoffs

If you have 25 or more employees affected, you must file a mass claim with the OESC.

Appeals for Employers

Review all the information necessary to properly progress through the appeals process.

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