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OESC Enhances Work Search Audit Efforts to Support Employee Recruitment

Monday, October 18, 2021

The Agency Encourages Employers to Participate in the Process

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) announced today that it's putting more resources into its work search audits to support employers and those seeking employment, further mitigating fraudulent activity statewide. The agency is also encouraging employers to participate in the work search audit process. 

The eligibility policy for unemployment benefits requires that claimants conduct at least two work searches per week and keep documentation of their efforts for two years, including after finding employment. Through a random process, OESC selects claimants to audit to ensure they are following the requirements. 

“Although in August Oklahoma saw the highest number of citizens participating in the workforce in state history, many employers are still struggling to find employees,” said Shelley Zumwalt, OESC Executive Director. “The agency is putting more resources and effort into our work search audits to ensure only eligible claimants are receiving benefits and to encourage participation in the workforce. Employers can help improve claimant participation in the workforce and reduce fraud by keeping records of all individuals applying for and interviewing for open positions. In the event of a claimant work search audit, the agency may contact employers to verify information.”

Claimants are also encouraged to upload their work searches to where they can easily keep track of their efforts. In the event of a work search audit, the agency looks to first for documentation of work search activity. If no records are found, OESC will contact the claimant and ask for additional information on their searches. 

“OESC is committed to getting funds into the hands of eligible claimants while stopping fraudulent activity from occurring,” said Zumwalt. “More importantly, we are focused on connecting claimants to employment opportunities, and work searches are just one element the agency uses to help claimants rejoin the workforce.”

OESC also has multiple re-employment programs for claimants, including career fairs and skills training. Additionally, the agency can connect claimants to resources offered by other government agencies, including the Oklahoma Department of Human Services’ 60 days of free child-care available to jobseekers. More information is available on

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