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Transit Asset Management (TAM)


Transit Asset Management (TAM) is a business model that uses the condition of assets to guide the optimal prioritization of funding at transit agencies in order to keep transit networks in a State of Good Repair (SGR). The National Transit Asset Management System Final Rule (49U.S.C. 625) requires that all agencies that receive federal financial assistance under 49USCChapter 53and own, operate, or manage capital assets used in the provision of public transportation create a TAM Plan.

ODOTSponsored Group TAM Plan

As a direct recipient of transit funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), ODOT is required to develop a group TAM for its Tier II provider subrecipients. The Group TAM Plan will improve the practices of Oklahoma's small transit providers as they operate and maintain their capital assetsto ensure reliable and safe service delivery for transit riders across the state.


Last Modified on Oct 21, 2020
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