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JP 30562(04) SH-10A in Paradise Hills, Sequoyah County
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Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, this will be a web-based format (no in-person meeting)
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The information will be available beginning August 2, 2021 and comments are requested by August 16, 2021.


Should you have any questions regarding this project, please email, or call 405-325-3269 and leave a detailed message.


The purpose of the virtual open house is to present the project design for the Preferred Alternative and obtain input from the public  

Please click the image below for project location map


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is proposing improvements to State Highway (SH) 10A from 2 miles east of the SH-10 junction extending east to the SH-100 junction in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. The existing SH-10A has no shoulders and hills/curves that do not comply with current design standards, contributing to a collision history approximately three times the statewide average for a roadway of this type. The purpose of the proposed improvements is to correct roadway deficiencies, enhance safety, and efficiently accommodate traffic.

ODOT has communicated SH-10A project information to the public and sought public input through several public involvement activities. At a stakeholder meeting held October 18, 2016 in the Great Hall meeting room of the Fin & Feather Resort and also at a public open house held January 31, 2017 in the Town of Gore Community Building, ODOT presented seven improvement alternatives, as well as ODOT’s rationale for selecting a Preferred Alternative. Upon review of public input following these events, ODOT issued a letter dated September 1, 2017 to all agencies, officials, and involved members of the public that explained ODOT’s intent to proceed with the environmental studies and design plans for ODOT’s Preferred Alternative. At a public open house held April 4, 2019, ODOT presented the results of the environmental studies and the preliminary design plans for the Preferred Alternative. After having the opportunity to visit with the local residents at the April 4, 2019 public open house and reviewing written comments received, ODOT issued an update flyer dated July 19, 2019 stating that ODOT decided not to move forward with the proposal for an offset alignment for the section of SH-10A between Orchard and Tower Roads. Instead, ODOT is considering staying on or near the existing alignment in this section and making corrections at the curves to reduce the sharp turns and minimize the amount of right-of-way required.



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