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ODOT first in serving public need for electric vehicle charging stations in Capitol Complex

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is the first state agency in Oklahoma to take the initial step toward providing electric charging stations for the public in support of alternative fuel sources. On Sept. 10, ODOT opened two electric vehicle charging stations for motorists. Located in the visitor's parking lot at ODOT’s main office, the stations will be capable of working off a 240-volt power supply at no cost to motorists. Two cars can charge side by side, the chargers are available and monitored by security cameras 24 hours, seven days a week.

“I’m excited about the Oklahoma Department of Transportation providing these public electric vehicle charging stations,” said Governor Mary Fallin. “They indicate our “all-of-the-above” energy strategy and our support in emerging technology and alternative fuel sources.”

The department partnered with Spiers New Technologies of Oklahoma City, Pelco Products and OG&E to provide this alternative fuel source. The two chargers, pedestal and electrical installation totaled $4,500. The charging stations will be maintained by ODOT. 

The stations will be equipped with standard SAE J1772 plugs that serve a variety of vehicles and full charging takes approximately four hours. However, the time required to recharge batteries can be less, depending on the vehicle as well as the model and level of the charger.

“This is a way ODOT can contribute to the alternative fuel initiatives and help Oklahomans and those traveling through our state locate more electric charging stations,” said Mike Patterson, Secretary of Transportation and ODOT Executive Director. "The department is excited to move forward with supporting alternative fuel opportunities."

             As the first state agency to provide an electric charger, ODOT has opened it up to all electric vehicles. These stations will be monitored to enforce the spaces are used as charging stations rather than parking spots.

These charging stations are a part of ODOT’s commitment to support alternative fuel sources while keeping up with emerging trends.

Gov. Mary Fallin and Executive Directoer Mike Patterson with an electric vehicle. Also pictured Commissioner Bob Peterson.

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