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Strategic Asset and Performance Management (SAPM)

The Strategic Asset & Performance Management Division exists to help meet Oklahomans transportation needs through collecting, analyzing, and reporting highway asset and performance data, and communicating planning strategies to the stakeholders of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.


Field Data Collection

The Field Data Collection Branch manages operations in support of traffic and transportation system data collection, data validation, and data systems installation and maintenance.The traffic data that is collected is used for Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) estimation, feasibility studies, design studies, research projects, signal warrant analysis and ongoing planning and engineering activities for ODOT.


Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Branch collects, analyzes, and reports pavement condition data for the State Highway System. Pavement Management is used by decision makers to determine the most cost-effective ways of managing highway pavement assets through pavement deterioration modeling and the optimization of treatment types and costs to determine the right treatment at the right time.

Planning & Performance

The Planning and Performance Branch is responsible for carrying out a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative (3C) transportation planning process for the development of all major transportation planning documents, programs and reports at ODOT; as well as providing grant application assistance in accordance with state and federal requirements.

Traffic Management

The Traffic Management Branch processes traffic data from multiple sources. The Branch analyzes and reports Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) estimates as well as truck percentages. Data that is managed by the Traffic Management Branch is used for the traffic monitoring system, engineering and planning studies, roadway and bridge design projects, system performance and federal reporting requirements.

Last Modified on Dec 17, 2021
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