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Summer Engineering Program

Examples of Work:

First Year Summer Engineer May:

  • Learn general survey procedures and to use survey equipment including an automatic level and a total station. Assist an ODOT survey crew with staking control lines, establishing benchmarks, and taking initial and final cross-sections for the measurement of earthwork quantities.
  • Assist a project manager with verifying that roadways and structures are built to the planned elevation and are constructed in the planned location.
  • Help prepare asphalt laydown reports, inspector's daily reports, and storm-water management reports. Receive training on how to test ready-mixed concrete in a freshly mixed state according to AASHTO specifications.
  • Assist the project manager with required project documentation including preparing computer spreadsheets to assist with computations, writing memo's and letters to the engineer or contractor, and computing quantities for progressive estimates.

Returning Summer Engineer May:

  • Assist the ODOT survey Field Party Chief with more complex survey tasks including use of computer software to compute earthwork quantities and verify planned control points.
  • Work as the project manager of a small project that will begin and end during the summer months such as joint seal projects and asphalt overlay projects. The engineering student would be required to assure that materials are tested according to the ODOT sampling and testing guide, that the project is built according to plans and specifications, and that all required documentation is completed including progressive estimates.
  • Assist the engineer with plan review of future projects including performing computations for verification of plan quantities, writing letters including technical writing for documentation of events and problems that may arise on a project, with the design and drawings of Change-in-Plan items, and with the audit of project quantities. Assist with inspection on construction sites.

Work Sites:

There are twenty-five construction residencies located in the state.
Link to: Field Divisions / Construction Residencies


Thirty hours of college credit completed within the Civil Engineering curriculum.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation Engineer Training Program only makes employment offers to individuals authorized to work in the United States.

Contact Information:


(405) 521-4141


HR Division

Room 1B5

200 N.E. 21st Street

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

(405) 521-4141   Phone

(405) 522-6202   FAX

The State of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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