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Social Marketing

Social marketing is the strategic and dynamic use of classic communications and marketing principles, tools, and techniques.  Social marketing is not simply a flyer or news release for an upcoming event, creating an online profile or a social media website or giving away promotional items at a health fair.  A successful social marketing plan can influence targeted individuals and groups in an effort to influence their behavior so that they can make better, more informed decisions, improve health and benefit society.  

Communication plays an important role in promoting awareness of the need for coordinated services for children and adolescents with mental health needs and their families.  Increasing awareness about children’s mental health is vital to OKSOC.  Through statewide expansion efforts, OKSOC is working with SOC communities across the state to reach new audiences and forge partnerships to further refine Oklahoma’s agenda on children’s mental health.

The overarching purpose of social marketing is to stimulate support for a comprehensive SOC approach to children's mental health services. To accomplish this, effective social marketing in your community can:

    • Reduce stigma associated with mental illness and promote mental health.
    • Increase the likelihood that children and youth with mental health needs and their families are appropriately served and treated.
    • Increase awareness of mental health needs and services for children and youth among mental health providers, SOC communities, intermediary groups/organizations and the public.
    • Demonstrate to communities that the mental health needs of children and youth are best met through the utilization of SOC.
    • Build capacity within SOC communities to sustain services and support to children and youth with mental health needs and their families.

Social Marketing assistance available to

OKSOC Communities: 

  • Technical Assistance/Consultation
  • Social Marketing Planning Assistance
  • On-Call/On-site Consultation

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For more information about Oklahoma Systems of Care
communication and events, please contact:

Tori Collier, M.A.
Communications and Events Liaison


Last Modified on Feb 05, 2018
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