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Children Youth and Family Services

Emotional disturbances and substance abuse among children occur at alarming rates. About 10% of Oklahoma youth have a mental health disorder and an additional 10% have a substance abuse issue. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, children are best served by early intervention. Without early and effective identification and interventions, childhood disorders can persist and lead to school failure, poor employment opportunities, poverty and incarceration in adulthood.

Of the many steps that have been taken, one of the most promising is the creation of an interagency team to coordinate care for children and youth at the highest risk of needing acute or residential treatment. Children, Youth and Family Services' goal is to link children and youth with community based services through a local Systems of Care where one is available, and directly with local providers where one is not. The team works across state agency lines to ensure continuity of care, family choice, and adequate resources.

Local Systems of Care need to be in place for every county in Oklahoma. We are about halfway there and working toward 100% coverage within the next six years. Each county needs an available array of services without sending a child or youth away from their own community for treatment. We must continue working until these goals are met for every county in Oklahoma.

To ensure that we meet the mental health and substance abuse needs of children and adolescents, we must strike a balance between education and promotion, prevention, early detection and universal access to care.

This effort will not be easy, but we will be rewarded by the mental health resiliency of Oklahoma's next generation. Addressing the mental health and substance abuse needs of Oklahoma's infants, children and youth is imperative if our state is going to prosper and thrive.

Children, Youth & Family Services
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Children's Substance Abuse Services

Children, Youth and Family Services is here to assist you with finding resources to assist with substance abuse services for children and adolescents. Recent assessments find that more than 40% of the youth who need mental health services and 80% of youth who need substance abuse services are not receiving them. If we are to impact the high rates of untreated mental health and substance abuse and the resulting negative consequences, then we must focus on early intervention and prevention targeting Oklahoma youth.

According to one study, 66% of boys and almost 75% of girls in juvenile detention have at least one mental health disorder. Likewise, substance abuse is also a significant contributor to juvenile crime. Oklahoma's Office of Juvenile Affairs estimates that 30% of the children in their custody are in need of mental health treatment and an estimated 79% of children and adolescents in OJA group homes have substance abuse problems.

For many families, finding appropriate services for their children is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Various program locations, requirements and funding issues can be intimidating and frustrating for parents trying to locate help for their child. To the left are many resource links that may provide support required by your family.

Terence X. Spain, MPA
System of Care Senior Manager for Adolescent Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance Abuse Resources for Parents, Children and Adolescents

Ten Questions to Ask a Treatment Provider/Program:
  1. What types of treatment do you have?  Have there been any research studies of this type of treatment?
  2. What evidence do you have that your program is effective?
  3. How do you specifically address the needs of adolescents?
  4. Can you assess and treat my child's mental health problems at the same time as his/her substance problems?
  5. How is the family involved in the treatment process?
  6. How long will this treatment last?
  7. What things do you do to help adolescents engage and stay in treatment?
  8. Do you have aftercare or a continuing care program for when this treatment ends?
  9. What happens if my child is not successful here?  What other options do we have?
  10. How much does this cost and how much will I have to pay?  Are there any state, county, or grant funds to help pay for this treatment?
for Parents, Kids, & Teens

Training Offered by Children, Youth and Family Services

Children, Youth and Family Services offers a wide variety of training classes to assist behavioral health care professionals and families with the necessary tools to successfully help children and youth dealing with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

For training information or questions, please contact Stacy William- Barrett at 405-248-9351

Course Name                   Target Audience

Family Support Provider Training

Fundamentals of Wraparound 101
Family Support Providers (FSPs)
*Pre-req: Wraparound 101
Required for All Wraparound and Health Home Providers

Useful Links:

Stacy Williams- Barrett
Technical Assistance and Training Coordinator
Oklahoma Systems of Care
(405) 248-9351

Resource Toolbox for Families

This Resource Toolbox is not intended to be a complete listing of all available resources. It is meant only as a starting point for finding services that families may need.  We have made every effort to include accurate information on this website.  If your agency or program is listed and the information is inaccurate, please contact us to make corrections.

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