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The thought of call is intimidating for most beginning residents.  Our PGY-1 residents have short call 5 PM to 10 PM from July 1st with direct supervision from an upper level on call resident who is on site.  They continue to have the same level of supervision on weekends for 12 hr. shifts by PGY-4 residents for a minimum of 8 weeks.  The PGY-4 sees patients with them, trains and helps interns in managing call prior to them graduating to solo call.  When the supervising residents and the faculty feel that the intern is functioning at an appropriate level, they are approved for solo call. All calls are supported by a back up attending regardless of PGY level.
PGY -1 call load is 4-5 calls a month. PGY-1 residents do only weekend call and 12 hour shifts in order to abide by ACGME duty hour rules.    

PGY 2-3 call load is 2-3 calls a month each and only weekdays.  They get a post call day other than the Friday call.  There is no weekend call for PGY-2 and 3.   

PGY -4 have no call duty after supervision call duties are complete.  

Holiday calls are 12 hour shifts for 11 to 12 state and federal holidays.  By the time residents start their 4th year and leave the call pool, everyone has done at least 5 holiday calls over the span of 3 years of call.  Each 12 hour holiday shift accrues compensatory time that can be used at a later day as annual leave per state policy.

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