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Griffin Memorial Hospital

Griffin Memorial Hospital (GMH) Through voluntary and involuntary admission GMH provides inpatient mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring trauma informed treatment for adults, eighteen and older, who meet the following three criteria;

1) They have received the maximum benefit of the community based treatment available;    

2) They are determined to have any of the following psychiatric diagnoses based on nomenclature established in the most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, published by the American Psychiatric Association:

(A) Schizophrenia;

(B) Schizoaffective Disorder;

(C) Other Psychotic Disorders;

(D) Bipolar Disorder;

(E) Depressive Disorders;

(F) Other Mood Disorders;

(G) Anxiety Disorders;

(H) Dissociative Disorders;

(I) Adjustment Disorders; or,

(J) Substance Related Psychiatric Disorders;


(3) They have demonstrated they are a risk of harm to self or others as defined in Title 43A O.S. § 1-103.

Rules governing inpatient treatment can be found in Title 450 Chapter 30 O.S.


900 E Main, Norman, OK


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