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Parent Partnership Board Members

The Parent Partnership Board at the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth includes members who represent the multiplicy of Oklahoma's communities.  They are passionate about improving child-serving systems and are motivated to inspire and influence positive outcomes.  

Meet Our Board Members

Amber Adams - Beggs, OK

Amber Adams is a Family Support Provider/Peer Recovery Support Specialist with CREOKS Health Services. She was on the planning committee for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth’s Parent Partnership Board to inform and advance parent voice across the state. She is also a member of the Oklahoma Family W.A.V.E. (We Achieve Victories Everyday). She has worked with children and families for the last seven years, but most importantly, she is the proud mother of two teenage boys. She is passionate about helping families find their voice and building stronger communities. Her hope for the Parent Partnership Board is to increase family voice at all levels and improve the lives of Oklahoma families. (Beggs is in northeast Oklahoma, just south of Tulsa.)

Betty Hawkins Emery - Oklahoma City, OK

Betty is the proud parent of a 14-year-old son born with down syndrome. She is a member of the National Alliance Parent Partnership board and holds a Master of Public Administration degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in Correctional Program Support, and an Associate of Arts degree in Healthcare Administration. She was on the planning committee for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth’s Parent Partnership Board to inform and advance parent voice across the state. She is also a member of the University of Oklahoma's Safe Families Parent Advisory Committee. Her hope for the Parent Partnership Board is that it benefits the communities of Oklahoma by creating a lively parent voice that will lead to the total health of the family unit.

Delena Sullivan - Pauls Valley, OK

Delena is married and the proud mother to three children and grandmother to 5 grandchildren, in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  She graduated with her Master of Science Human Resources degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from East Central University where she was a Rehabilitation Service Administration Scholar and Selma Cody Strunk Graduate Scholar. She joined Oklahoma Rehabilitation Services through a Carl Albert Executive Fellowship in 2019. She is currently working for Oklahoma Rehabilitation Services as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor-Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist II in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  In addition, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate working at The Jetty Counseling Center in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.  She enjoys supporting the Pride of the Valley band program. She was active in the Johnson O’Malley Native Program.  She is passionate about addressing the barriers that rural Oklahoma families face such as childcare, transportation, mental health services and employment.  Delena hopes that she can help address the needs of rural Oklahomans to obtain resources, employment and education while identifying community services needed to ensure success for all Oklahoma children, youth, and families. Her goal for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth Parent Partnership Board is to help identify challenges that children and youth encounter daily in rural Oklahoma and to work to find resources and solutions that ensures success for this underserved population.  

Issa (Ike) Turner - Oklahoma City, OK

Issa (Ike) Turner currently lives in Oklahoma City and is a single father of three children and two grand kids. He was born in Flint Michigan and currently works for the CDC at the Oklahoma City Health Department and Public Strategies for True Dad and Family Expectations. He is also a host at a single Father Path Night. Ike aims to be a great advocate and voice as a OCCY Parent Partnership Board member in order to help ease the pathway of fathers through communication, parenting roles and jobs. He is very passionate about providing positive structures for kids and wants to help in every way possible. His goal for the OCCY Parent Partnership Board is to recognize the valuable role that fathers play in their children’s lives and hopes to encourage more fathers to join the board in order to help elevate their voices throughout the state. He believes the road to success is commitment.

La'Chanda K. Stephens-Totimeh - Moore, OK

La’Chanda K. Stephens-Totimeh is married and is a proud mother to four children. She is involved in training, research and consulting with more than 20 years of experience working in the health sciences industry. She has serve for more than a decade in leadership and managerial roles overseeing data collection teams for multiple large evaluation programs. She provides ongoing consultation to staff for quantitative and qualitative data collection with diverse communities in home-based, group and virtual data collection venues. For nearly ten years, Ms. Stephens-Totimeh has served as a family facilitator and consultant assisting agencies and organizations in designing and retaining community led groups. Her passion is bringing diverse families and community partners together as well as encouraging or igniting collaboration. 

Dr. Lana Turner-Addison - Tulsa, OK

Dr. Turner-Addison is married and has two daughters, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She currently serves as the Director for Pine Premier Child Care, managing day-to-day operations, where there is a “Commitment to Growth and Success of Our Future Leaders and Staff.”  She is also the President of the North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative nonprofit organization. She served as the City of Tulsa, Human Rights Director (2007 - 2012); OSU-Tulsa Community Relations Manager, Fiscal Accountant, and Bursar (1992 - 2007). She also served as an elected Tulsa Public Schools Board Member from 2005-2017, amongst other volunteer service roles.  Her areas of interest and focus relates to designing and implementing programs, policies and practices, in support of creating, investing and advocating building wealth for families. Her hope is that the OCCY Parent Partnership Board will work collaboratively for the benefit of all families, with an equity mindset focused on strengthening families and improving overall outcomes for all children.

Sara Jacoby - Oklahoma City, OK

Sara Jacoby is an Oklahoma native, who returned to the state ten years ago after sewing her wild oats. She has worked in the bookselling and travel industries for most of her career. She now spends her time being a mother to her six-year-old twins and focuses her efforts on advocacy. Sara is the first ever committee leader for Pride Pertaining to Disability Inclusion. She has volunteered many years for the Surayya Anne pantry, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was active in her own nonprofit organization where she sought to bring love and food to parents of children on palliative or hospice care. Sara is a graduate of Partners in Policy Making. She is known for her great sense of humor.  One time, she accidentally won the prestigious Smithsonian Photography Award. Sara cannot wait for the opportunity of continuing to serve her community and looks forward to using her experiences to learn everything she can in this role. Her hope is to make family experiences better in Oklahoma by listening to those in front line leadership roles.  She wants to help tackle issues while strengthening communication between policy makers and parents.

Senaqua Hildreth - Oklahoma City, OK

Senaqua Hildreth is a mother of one daughter. She is an Executive Assistant at Positive Tomorrows – a private school in Oklahoma City that serves students experiencing homelessness.  It is the only private school of its kind in the nation. She is passionate about educating parents.  She was inspired to give back to the community after her family received much needed support.  At the time, she was struggling with trauma from her past, pregnancy, post-partum depression, and trying to pay for day care and medical expenses for her child.  When looking back on her struggles, she is thankful for the values her faith provided her.  Senaqua wants to help mothers who are struggling with pregnancy that are navigating the systems provided by the state.  She wants to promote new ideas for services provided to struggling families.  Her hope is that through the actions of the OCCY Parent Partnership Board, the lives of children and families in Oklahoma will be better.

Sunnie Jamerson - Moore, OK

Sunnie is a proud single mom to her 12-year-old daughter. She is currently working at Catalyst Behavioral Services as a Behavioral Health Case Manager and an Admission’s Coordinator. She is also working to complete her graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Sunnie is a person in recovery and a graduate of the Remerge program.  She has a real passion for families affected by substance abuse.  Sunnie’s professional experience and lived experiences give her the drive to be a change maker in the community. Her hope for OCCY Parent Partnership Board is to help improve the collaboration between family-serving agencies.

Tamara Bryan - Pryor, OK

Tamara Bryan was born and raised in Oklahoma and is an active advocate for children around the state. She and her husband have four grown biological children, two grandchildren and have helped raised 14 foster children. Tamara has served in education as a teacher, counselor and now as a public-school principal of her community. Character development and creating mentorship programs for children of incarcerated parents has been a large part of her work within the school system. She currently serves on the William B. Barnes Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors, the Children of Incarcerated Parents Advisory Council, and serves on the Executive Board for The Reckless Saints of Nowhere Flight School (which is currently putting forth an effort to reduce incarceration, recidivism, homelessness, by adding to the workforce).  Tamara is currently working on her Ph.D. in Policy and Law at Liberty University to pursue prosecutions of crimes made against children, protect parental rights and reduce nonviolent incarcerations and incarcerations targeting those stuck in poverty. Her desire for the OCCY Parent Partnership Board is to see great partnerships working together for the good of Oklahoma’s children and families. 

Last Modified on Dec 16, 2021
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