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E-rate and Rural Health Care

The federal Universal Service Fund provides funding to help schools, libraries and healthcare facilities connect to the internet, share information and access the resources they need to serve their local communities. The Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) administers the fund.


The E-rate program provides funding to help schools and libraries connect to the Internet. Public or private schools, school districts, libraries, and library systems can apply for discounts on eligible services such as:

  • Internet access
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Internal connections
  • Certain related equipment

Funds for Learning

USAC E-rate Homepage


Funds for Learning Schools & Libraries Help Line:

E-rate training

Funds for Learning hosts webinars, provides weekly newsletters

Learn E-rate

USAC also has training materials and webinars

Rural Health Care

The Rural Health Care program provides funding to eligible healthcare facilities to support broadband and telecommunications services.

Rural Health Care program

USAC has funding info, application instructions, and training

Last Modified on Nov 23, 2021
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