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NOTICE: In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission continues to offer Commission meetings via livestream, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Read details about our COVID precautions here.

Oil and Gas Downloadable Forms


All forms submitted to the OCC beginning July 1, 2020 must be the latest version of the form, provided below on this page.

All downloadable forms are available in .PDF format, unless otherwise indicated.

All questions regarding forms should be directed to, to allow the queries to be directed to the appropriate personnel.

As the Oil and Gas Conservation Division advances in the agency-wide digital transformation, all forms will be standardized to one format, PDF. All forms will be revised to be fillable using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program which can be downloaded from the Adobe Corporation website hereOnce the user has downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the desired form and download the form to your computer. Once the form has been downloaded, open Adobe Acrobat Reader. Open the downloaded file and fill out the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, rather than the web browser, in order to have full functionality available.

Steps to filling out the fillable PDF forms:
    1. Make sure your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
    2. Click the link for the form you need. The form will open within the browser window. Click the link to the right for "Open in Acrobat", as shown below.

3.Fill out the form, and any associated attachments contained in the form, as shown below.

    4. Save, and if you need a printed copy, print the attachments. This will insure that they will be saved in the PDF file, for digital submission when the form is complete.

Many forms can be, and have been for many years, filed electronically using the E-Forms and EWfiles systems. We encourage operators to use these systems as the OCC accelerates its digital transformation. Forms that can be filed with the ePermit and EWfiles systems will link to the appropriate system login page in the form description, indicating "ePermit filing available" or "EWfiles filing available".

Filing paper forms in these two categories increases the time it takes to process these forms, preventing front-line workers from performing other duties that cannot be automated. Please help us advance our digital transformation by using our online filing system and thereby your application processing times.

  Notice of Transfer of Well Operatorship 1073.PDF
  Transfer of Operatorship - Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells 1073I.PDF
  Transfer of Operatorship - Multiple Wells 1073MW.PDF
  Transfer of Operatorship - Multiple Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells 1073IMW.PDF
  Form 1073A-D Packet Cover Sheet and Instructions 2019 FORM 1073A-D Packet Cover Sheet.PDF
  Application For Change of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073A.PDF
  Notice of Application on Orders of the Commission 1073B.PDF
  Notice of Hearing on Orders of the Commission 1073C.PDF
  Operator Permitting Change of Operator, Appointment of Alternative Operator and/or Deletion of Designation of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073D.PDF
  Required FILING FEES for Forms 1073A-D:
  1. $200.00
  2. the ORIGINAL
  3. FIVE (5) COPIES of the FORM(s)  When submitted for filing and pursuant to OAC-CRP 165:5-1-4(j)
  4. Notarized Affidavit of Mailing listing original respondents or Affidavit of Non-Mailing if applicant is sole responsible party.
  5. The Form 1073C is only necessary if Protest is expected.
  6. Mail the Form 1073A, B, C, D & Affidavit of Mailing to the following:  Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Attn:  Court Clerk, PO Box 52000, Oklahoma City, OK  73152-2000.
  Tax Rebate Incentive Program -Instructions and Examples (Click Link)  
  Application for Sales Tax Exemption (Dewatering or Enhanced Recovery Project) 1535.PDF
  Certificate Of Record Search (CRS) Request CRS Request.PDF


Last Modified on Mar 25, 2021
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