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NOTICE: In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission continues to offer Commission meetings via livestream, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Read details about our COVID precautions here.

Attorneys by issue

Issue Attorney Phone Number
Chief Legal Counsel Michele Anderson (405) 521-2259
Buses (in-state) Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Commission Deliberations Curtis Johnson (918) 581-2148
Cotton Gin regulation Kyle Vazquez (405) 522-2100
Deleterious substances transport Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
DOT number Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Electric utility regulation Mike Velez (405) 522-5930
Enforcement Consumer Services Jeff Kline (405) 521-2803
Environmental issues: Oil and gas wells Tracy Case (405) 521-4258
Environmental issues: Petroleum storage tanks Travis Weedn (405) 521-4137
Fences at railroad boundary Darren Ferguson (405) 521-4749
Gas utility regulation Natasha Scott (405) 521-3570
Harvest permits Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Household goods movers Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
International Fuel Tax Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
International Registration Plan (IRP) Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Limousine services Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Natural gas pipelines Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Natural gas utility Natasha Scott (405) 521-3570
Natural gas wells Tracy Case (405) 521-4258
Oil and gas issues: NE Oklahoma Susan Conrad (405) 521-3939
Oil and gas issues: NW Oklahoma Susan Conrad (405) 521-3939
Oil and gas issues: SW Oklahoma Tyler Trout (405) 522-5639
Oil and gas issues: SE Oklahoma Tracy Case (405) 521-4258
Oil wells Tracy Case (405) 521-4258
Open meetings Michele Craig (405) 521-2259
Passenger carriers Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Petroleum storage tanks Travis Weedn (405) 521-4137
Public records requests Michele Craig (405) 521-2259
Railroad crossings Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Service station pumps Travis Weedn (405) 521-4137
Telephone utility regulation Jeff Kline (405) 521-2308
Truck yard wash pits Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Transportation Network Companies Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Unified Carrier Registration Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
U.S. Department of Transportation number Michael Copeland (405) 522-1638
Water utility regulation Lauren Willingham (405) 522-8954


If you are represented by an attorney in a matter before the Commission, it is a violation of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct for a Commission lawyer to speak with you about your case without your attorney being present. Please contact your legal counsel.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission attorneys are prohibited from providing legal advice to non-OCC employees concerning any matter that is or may come before the Commission but may answer general questions about Commission rules and procedures.

Last Modified on Nov 03, 2020
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