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Application to Use a CPA Trade Name (DBA)

Before you begin, please note that if you are not a CPA and you are needing to set up a Trade Name or DBA, you will need to contact the Secretary of State. The following only applies to Certified Public Accountants.

For full instructions and information on the CPA Trade Name (DBA) Application process, click here.

Step 1) Applicant needs to verify that the name being registered has not been registered as any type of firm or entity with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

*The registrant shall be allowed to use and employ the designation "DBA" with a business name provided the sole proprietor's name is included in the name of the business. No registrant shall use a misleading business name.*

Step 2) Complete and Submit the Application to Use a CPA Trade Name (DBA). This can be done online through the Registrant Portal, or the CPA Trade Name Use Application.  (There is no fee for registering a practice trade name with the Board).

Once the application is received and processed, the applicant will receive additional email correspondence regarding next steps.

Last Modified on Sep 13, 2023