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OPCIE - Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation and Excellence

Oklahoma’s Frontline Defense Against Pandemics

Located on land that will become One Health Park, the Oklahoma Pandemic Center for Innovation and Excellence (OPCIE) is the first of its kind. A collaborative, immersive campus located in the heart of the U.S. bringing disruptive science to the fields of human, animal, and environmental health. With innovation at its core, the OPCIE leverages public and private partnerships to bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical practices and creates improved public health responses to the unique needs of rural, urban, and tribal communities. Through its One Health approach, the OPCIE and One Health Park will become a global leader in promoting pandemic awareness and preserving public health.

The Public Health Lab, located within the OPCIE, uses state-of-the-art automated technology to research and address public health concerns before they arise. As a largely rural and agricultural state, Oklahoma is uniquely positioned to capture the benefits of animal science insights as a tool to improve human public health. Co-locating the two facilities allows us to leverage public health expertise while operating in partnership with existing infrastructure already being developed as we plan for the future of public health response globally.

Secretary Elizabeth Pollard discusses OPCIE and how it is raising the bar for public health response.

Last Modified on Dec 16, 2021