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All-Hazards Public Safety Communications Unit (AHPSCU)

What is the AHPSCU?

The AHPSCU is a team of dedicated, specially trained personnel that responds Statewide, and occasionally nationwide, to requests for emergency/incident communications and interoperability support.  It consists of volunteers supported by their public-safety agencies that perform leadership, technical support, operational, and administrative roles.

These roles include:

  • Communications Unit Coordinator (COMC)
  • Communications Unit Leader (COML)
  • Communications Unit Technician (COMT)
  • Incident Communications Center Manager (INCM)
  • Incident Tactical Dispatcher (INTD)
  • Radio Operator (RADO)
  • Information Technology Support Unit Leader (ITSL)

As communications technologies continue to advance, interoperable communications challenges increase and as such the importance of the AHPSCU's role continues to increase.  We greatly appreciate the efforts of our AHPSCU membership and the agencies that support them!

What is the AHPSCC?

The All-Hazards Public Safety Communications Committee is a group of senior members and subject matter experts within the AHPSCU that serves to support the SWIC in its decision-making and administration. The AHPSCU works closely with the SWIC's office to vet AHPSCU task book submissions, approve State qualification of new AHPSCU members, and set policies and procedures.

Last Modified on May 16, 2022
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