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Peter Walker

Peter Walker

Custodian, Building Maintenance

16 years of service

Got any favorite quotes?

"God begot not, nor is he begotten."

Who inspires you?

My faith in God and my mother have had the most inspirational influence on my life.


What is the most rewarding experience you have had in public health?

The most rewarding experience I have had in public health is seeing someone get the help they need and seeing the joy, smiles and appreciation they show after receiving assistance.





How did you start working in public health?

I actually came into the health department to pick up a birth certificate and ran into Mike Pike. Mr. Pike said this would be a good place for me to work and he was correct!


Can you share a few highlights of your experience in public health in Oklahoma?

I've always had a passion for helping people in my community. Working at the health department has provided me with the insight to see how a healthy lifestyle and environment can have an impact on one's health. I always try to make sure I am living healthy and encourage others to do the same.


In your role, how do you educate people about public health?

I encourage people from my community to:

  • Get immunization shots for their kids early before the school rush.
  • With my wife being a diabetic, I encourage her and others from my community to eat healthy, exercise and manage their diabetes.
  • When I see a young mother in my community expecting an infant, I tell them about our car seat program to help keep their babies safe.
  • I've encouraged folks to practice safe sex and use condoms in my community and also passed out condoms.
  • If folks have an elderly family member in a nursing home and they have a concern about care, I’ve told them about our Long Term Care Department.


What is the most difficult part of your job?

The most difficult part of my job is seeing folks frustrated when they have limitations and are unable to provide help and assistance in the community and/or people we serve.


If someone was interested in a public health career, what advice or encouragement would you give them?

If someone was interested in a public health career, I would tell them the people who work in public health are passionate, dedicated and sincere in their efforts to provide service and assistance. If you have these qualities, this would be a great place for you.


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