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Recommended Immunization Schedules - United States

Vaccination Schedules within the United States

Child and Adolescent Schedule (Birth - 18 years)

Adult Schedule (19 years and older)

Vaccination for Special Populations

Healthcare Provider Resources

ACIP Vaccine Guide 

Vaccination Catch-Up Guidance for Child and Adolescent

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

HIB Vaccine

PedvaxHIB Vaccine Only

DTaP/DT Vaccine

Tdap/Td Vaccine

Tdap/Td Vaccine (11-18 years)

Additional Vaccines


Vaccine Information Statements - Required by Federal Regulation


Vaccination Records


Screening for Contraindications

Every person who administers vaccines should screen every patient for contraindications and precautions before giving vaccines. The "Contraindication and Precautions" section in the General Recommendations (provided by CDC) describe valid and invalid contraindications and precautions.



Receive more information about vaccines and usage at CDC for Healthcare Professionals

Questions and answers can be found on "Ask the Experts" for professional advisement. The Oklahoma State Immunization Service thanks the Immunization Action Coalition for their continued services in keeping vaccine information valid and updated.

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