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OERSSIRF - Oklahoma Emergency Response Systems Stabilization and Improvement Revolving Fund

Any questions regarding OERSSIRF will need to be submitted by email to Barbara Traylor.


The Oklahoma Emergency Response Systems Stabilization and Improvement Revolving Fund  (OS 63-1-2512.1) was established by SB 1918 of the 2nd Session of the 51st Oklahoma Legislature, effective November 1, 2008. This law created OERSSIRF and requires the State Board of Health to promulgate rules establishing a formula and procedure for the distribution of funds accruing to the benefit of the fund. The monies in this fund shall be expended by the Department for the purpose of funding assessment activities, stabilization and/or reorganization of at-risk emergency medical services, development of regional emergency medical services (EMS), training for emergency medical directors, access to training front line emergency medical services personnel, and capital and equipment needs.

Emergency Rules approved by the Board of Health on January 12, 2010, and signed by Governor Henry on February 2, 2010, were intended to establish a well defined, predictable and transparent mechanism to distribute monies accruing to OERSSIRF to support the availability of high quality, sustainable pre hospital medical care across Oklahoma. The Emergency Rules established the following sections:

  • Establish rules to distribute the OERSSIRF.
  • Provide definitions for the OERSSIRF distribution rules.
  • Create a process for the review and disposition of proposals to the OERSSIRF.
  • Establish OERSSIRF proposal deadlines, eligible project costs and maximum awards.
  • Establish a priority point system for comparing proposals.
  • Establish a process for review and evaluation of the projects funded by the OERSSIRF.
  • Establish a process for the disbursement of funds.

OERSSIRF is an award program handled through OSDH EMS Division.

Posting of Scores and Awarding of Funding

After the scoring is tallied and verified, the scores will be posted on this web page.
Following the verification of the scoring the awarding of funding will be posted on this web page.


Contact Information

Emergency Systems
Oklahoma State Department of Health
123 Robert S Kerr Ave, Suite 1702
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6406

Office: (405) 426-8480
Fax: (405) 900-7560 or (using email)

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