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Complaints & Enforcement Division

Medical Facilities Complaint Form, updated 06.18.2017

Frequently Asked Questions, updated 08.26.2016  

Purpose: This division is responsible for processing complaints that allege violations of Federal and/ or State rules, laws. In addition, imposition of civil penalties and processing of termination actions enforced when facilities/agencies do not correct serious deficiencies, according to centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) enforcement guidelines. In this way Medical Facilities strives to fulfill its mission of ensuring that non-long term care facilities/agencies protect and promote patients health and safety.

Complaint Division: Is responsible for receiving complaints. Intakes are prioritized based on CMS triage guidelines and/or State statues that take into consideration the seriousness of the allegation. Complaints by interested parties are investigated by qualified survey staff. Any individual with personal knowledge or specific information, who believes that state or federal laws or regulations have been violated may request an investigation through the complaint/intake process.

Enforcement Division: Is responsible for the process of imposing remedies for noncompliance of rules and regulations of all non-Long Term Care facilities/agencies under the state and/or federal authority of medical facilities. This program monitors submittal of plans of corrections, makes recommendations for provider agreement terminations, imposes civil money penalties, directed in-service training or other State/CMS approved alternative remedies. Investigative findings may provide a basis for possible termination of the provider’s certification (agreement with CMS) through the enforcement process.

Complaints against non-long term care facilities may be filed electronically by email: or by calling 405-271-6576 or by written statements using the Medical Facilities complaint form and mailed to the mailing address listed below:

Oklahoma State Department of Health
Medical Facilities Service, Attn: Complaints
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73117-1299

Telephone:  (405) 271-6576
Fax:  (405) 271-1141
Complaint Hotline Number:  (405) 271-5711
  Toll Free: 1-855-258-4809
Home Health Hotline:  1-800-234-7258
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