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Policy and Memos to State and Regions - Location of all QSO memos. Includes various topics including COVID, Infection Control, and other long-term care guidance.

QSO-20-38-NH (08/26/20)

Interim Final Rule (IFC), CMS-3401-IFC, Additional Policy and Regulatory Revisions in Response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency related to Long-Term Care (LTC) Facility Testing Requirements and Revised COVID19 Focused Survey Tool 
QSO-20-37-CLIA (08/26/20) Updated Reporting Requirements
QSO-20-35-ALL (08/17/20) Enforcement Cases Held during the Prioritization Period and Revised Survey Prioritization 
QSO-20-30-NH (05/17/20) Reopening
QSO-20-29-NH (05/06/20) NH Interim Final Rule Updating for Notification of Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases of Residents & Staff in NH, REVISED Survey Tools, NEW Ftags-F884 & F885, FAQ
QSO-20-28-NH  (04/24/20) Five Star Rating System Updates, NH Staff Counts, FAQ 
QSO-20-26-NH  (04/19/20) Upcoming Requirements for Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 (or COVID-19 Persons under Investigation) Among Residents and Staff in NH
QSO-20-25-NH  (04/13/20) Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) LTC Transfer Scenarios
COVID-19 Long-Term Care Facility Guidance  (04/02/20) Guidance on PPE, screening and cohorting – (04/02/20)
QSO-20-23-  (03/30/20) ICF.IID&PRTF Guidelines for Limiting the Transmission of COVID-19 in ICF/IIDs & PRTFs, Blanket Waivers, Combining Residents, Staffing, Visitors, Transferring & Admitting
QSO-20-20-  (03/20/20) All-Survey Prioritization Final Complaint, Targeted Infection Control & Self-Assessment
QSO-20-14-NH  (03/13/20) Revised Guidance for Infection Control & Prevention of Coronavirus2019 (COVID-19) in NH (Revised) including: Revised Visitation, Limiting Transmission of COVID-19 for NH, Dining, Activities, PPE

Infection Control Investigation Tools:

COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes (08/25/20) The tool used by surveyors for COVID-19 focused surveys in nursing homes.
COVID-19 Non-Long Term (ICF/IID) Care Focused Survey (03/20/20) The tool used by surveyors for COVID-19 focused surveys in facilities other than nursing homes.
Infection Prevention Control and Immunization (F880) The pathway tool used by surveyors for investigating infection control issues.


  • QSEP Training Link - (Quality, Safety & Education Portal) - This is the CMS training site for surveyors. Facility staff can complete courses of interest by signing in as “I am a Provider.”

Other Resources:

  • Head-to-Toe Infection Prevention Toolkit (H2T) - After reaching CMP website, scroll to Downloads for link. Provides a mix of educational materials and tools to help bedside staff deliver person-centered care. Much of the information will be relayed through images and graphics to meet the needs of different types of learners. The toolkit focuses on ease of implementation to help direct care staff apply practices which will reduce infections into their daily routines.


COVID-19 Strategies and Resources (10/5/20)  The COVID-19 Healthcare Resilience Working Group, a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies, developed strategies and resources for post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) facilities.
NHSN (National Healthcare Safety Network) Long Term Care Facilities COVID-19 Module in NHSN CMS announced facilities are required to report COVID-19 information to the CDC and families through this site.
Infection Control Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Provides links to Infection Control, PPE, Hand hygiene, Discontinuing Transmission-based precautions, Post-Mortem Guidance
Interim Infection Prevention & Control Recommendation for Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Healthcare Settings Provides guidance with PPE, cohorting, screening staff and visitors, and environment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):


  • Transfer Form - This Inter-facility Infection Control Patient Transfer form can assist in fostering communication during transitions of care. This tool can be modified and adapted by facilities and other quality improvement groups engaged in patient safety activities.

COVID-19 Symptom Screening:



CDC’s Key Guidance in Preparing for COVID-19 in LTC Facilities:

Other Resources:

State of Oklahoma

  • LTC CARES Grant: The State of Oklahoma through the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is announcing the availability of Coronavirus Relief Funding for Oklahoma’s long-term care facilities/providers. These providers are serving the state’s most vulnerable populations in the fight against the COVID-19, and many have not received additional funding from the federal government through stimulus packages that is sufficient to address increased costs because of COVID-19. Thus, the State of Oklahoma has set aside a portion of Coronavirus Relief Funds to be distributed in the form of grants (“LTC CARES Grant") to enhance infectious disease prevention and mitigation as part of the implementation of Oklahoma’s plan for Phased Reopening in Long-Term Care Facilities.
  • OSDH 310 Chapter 2 Emergency Rules Final Preamble: Executive Order 2020-13 allows for the promulgation of emergency rules by State agencies to address the public health emergency. License Renewal Emergency Rule Summary provides an overview of the executive order and includes the following key points and more:
    • Renewal deadlines for all expiring occupational and professional licenses, certificates, permits, or registrations are extended.
    • They remain valid until fourteen (14) days following the withdrawal or termination of Executive Order 2020-07, and its amendments.
    • Provisional approval of a license without fingerprinting is valid until fourteen (14) days following the withdrawal or termination of the Executive Order.
  • Attorney General’s Press Release and Letter to Nursing Homes:  In a letter to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Attorney General Mike Hunter informed facilities that it is illegal to require residents to sign over their stimulus check to the facility. Click here to read the full press release and letter.
  • COVID-19 State executive order report: Data on COVID-19 in the state of Oklahoma.
  • Governor’s Executive Order Regarding COVID-19: Provides a list of all executive orders issued by Governor Stitt during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


(12/10/20) The LTC COVID-19 Guidance Grids are an outline for Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing homes related to miscellaneous COVID information testing and visitation.  Refer to QSO-20-39-NH for the official guidance.  
(12/10/20) The Non-Nursing Home Long-Term Care (LTC) COVID-19 Guidance Grids are an outline for LTC facilities, other than SNF/NFs. The grids provide guidance on testing and visitation and is based on CMS’s official guidance found in QSO-20-39.
CLIA FAQs and List of Labs (10-13-20)  CLIA FAQ resource and list of Labs for nursing homes.
Long Term Care Test Reporting Requirements (09/11/20) A list of state and federal COVID-19 Testing Reporting requirements for Long Term Care 
Model Reporting Package (07/02/20) This packet has been developed to simplify and combine all information required to be provided to OSDH to meet the requirements specified in Oklahoma's Phased Reopening in Long-Term Care Facilities under Infection Preventionist, which applies to all provider types. We have provided online fillable forms for your convenience: Infection Preventionist InformationIPC Risk AssessmentMonitoring Plan, and Phase Notification.
Phased Reopening in Long Term Care Facilities (revised 08/28/20) Oklahoma State Department of Health Plan for Phased Reopening in Long Term Care Facilities
Commissioner’s Memo Scope and Authority of Long-Term Care Task Forces (04/30/20) Commissioner’s guidance on task forces. The task forces operate under the powers and duties of the Commissioner of Health at Title 63 O.S. 1-106(B)(1) and Chapter 521, Control and Treatment of Communicable Disease, of Title 310 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. Includes a list of Regional Medical Response System Coordinators and Long Term Care Task Force Leads.
Nursing Facility Visitation (03/12/2020) - OSDH guidance for the screening, limiting and restricting of visitors for Medicare and Medicaid Certified Nursing Facilities
Nurse Aide Registry Guidance for Certified Nurse Aides, Activities Director and Social Services, Feeding Assistants
Training Exception Application for Waiver and Testing Instructions How to become certified following the Emergency Waiver
Application for Training Exception for Waiver Application form to complete for Training Exception

Infection Control



COVID-19 Symptom Screening


State Incident Report Form 283 This form is used for facility reported incidents to the OSDH, including COVID-19 positive or suspected residents or staff. 
2020 Stop COVID Visitor Sign Visitor screening poster for facility use at entrances.
2020 Stop The Spread Sign English – Infection Prevention Practices Poster
2020 Stop The Spread Sign Spanish – Infection Prevention Practices Poster

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