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Nursing Home Occupancy Reports

Occupancy data for the review of Nursing Facility Certificate of Need applications must be based on monthly reports that are submitted to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) pursuant to Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes (O.S.) Section 1-1925.2(H).

§ 63-1-1925.2. Recalculation and Reimbursement from the Nursing Facility Quality Care Fund - Report
H. 1. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority shall require all nursing facilities subject to the provisions of the Nursing Home Care Act and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded with seventeen or more beds to submit a monthly report on staffing ratios on a form that the Authority shall develop.
2. The report shall document the extent to which such facilities are meeting or are failing to meet the minimum direct-care-staff-to-resident ratios specified by this section. Such report shall be available to the public upon request.
3. The Authority may assess administrative penalties for the failure of any facility to submit the report as required by the Authority. Provided, however:
    a. administrative penalties shall not accrue until the Authority notifies the facility in writing that the report was not timely submitted as required, and
    b. a minimum of a one-day penalty shall be assessed in all instances.
4. Administrative penalties shall not be assessed for computational errors made in preparing the report.
5. Monies collected from administrative penalties shall be deposited in the Nursing Facility Quality of Care Fund and utilized for the purposes specified in the Oklahoma Healthcare Initiative Act.

All reports linked on this page are in .PDF format. If your computer does not already have Adobe (TM) Acrobat (TM) reader, you may download it using the sidebar link on the left side of page.

Quality of Care Reports

Reports are electronically compiled from the “Quality of Care Report” facilities file with the OHCA. Any person interested in pursuing certificate of need approval for a bed expansion or a new nursing facility may request facility specific Quality of Care Reports.

The OHCA is implementing a database system for facilities to submit data electronically.  During this transition period, some facilities may not be utilizing this system yet.  Therefore, reports may be received from the OHCA in various formats. 

Copies of the monthly Quality of Care Reports may be requested from the OHCA at 405.522.7313. They are also available upon request to the OSDH and receipt of payment for reproduction charges.  The cost for hard copies is $0.25 per page.  A research fee of $25.00 per hour may apply in addition to the relative reproduction charge.  Copies of the electronic monthly reports are also available on a CD (compact disc) for $1.00 per disc, in addition to the applicable research fee.  Contact the Department regarding availability and applicable reproduction and/or research fees.  

To request copies of the monthly Quality of Care Reports, you may contact the Health Resources Development Service via:

    Mail:    Health Resources Development Service
               Oklahoma State Department of Health
               1000 NE 10th Street
               Oklahoma City, OK  73117-1207

    E-mail:    Click here to email Health Resources

    Phone:    405.271.6868

Please specify the month and year of the requested Quality of Care Report(s).

Questions about occupancy data may be directed to Health Facility Systems at 405.271.6868.

OSDH Published Nursing Home Occupancy Reports

The data from the Quality of Care Reports received from the OHCA are compiled and published into the following occupancy reports by the Quality Improvement and Evaluation Service of the OSDH.  Each report is sorted by facility type, then county.  Any person interested in pursuing certificate of need approval for a bed expansion or a new nursing facility may rely on these occupancy statistics. 


These reports are also available by contacting the Health Resources Development Service as provided above. Check the office below for the latest updates:

Quality Improvement and Evaluation Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1207
Phone:  405-271-5278

Health Resource Development Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73117

E-mail:     Click here to email
Phone:     405.271.6868
Fax:     405.271.7360

Frequently Asked Questions
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