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Fiscal Year Report of Certificate of Need Reviews

Fiscal Year Report of Certificate of Need Reviews has been converted to .PDF files and may be downloaded from the archive below. The .PDF file format is only viewable with the Adobe(TM) Acrobat(TM) Reader. If you do not already have the Acrobat(TM) reader, you may get it FREE from Adobe(TM). There you will find complete instructions on how to acquire the reader to fit your system. After you have the reader, click on one of the links below to obtain a file.

2005 (889k .pdf)

2004 (656k .pdf)

2003 (147k .pdf)

2002 (168k .pdf)

2001 (31k .pdf)

2000 (33k .pdf)

1999 (32k .pdf)

1998 (31k .pdf)

1997 (27k .pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I view or request inspection and licensure records?
A: See 'Related Topics' below.

Q: Where do I make a complaint about nursing home, assisted living, residential care, or adult day care facilities?
A: See 'Related Topics' below.

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